Brief Therapy

Whilst many psychotherapies are open ended and may last for years, Brief Psychotherapy is a time limited approach. Usually it is limited to 12 sessions though less may be required. Most Brief Psychotherapy has its origin in the work of the genius American Psychiatrist Dr Milton Erickson who used a range of techniques and strategies including hypnotherapy, ambivalent client tasks and indirect unconscious communication. The most well known of the modern day Brief Therapies are Solution Focused Brief Psychotherapy( SFBT ), Clinical Hypnotherapy and in some cases Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. SFBT, instead of focusing on a client’s problems and past difficulties, instead focuses on the client’s strengths and refocuses their attention to build self esteem, perceive possibilities and to discover their innate potential. From this point of view it is quite similar to coaching. Brief Strategic Psychotherapy on the other hand is one of the amazing current developments which interrupts a client’s dysfunctional patterns and claims amazing and rapid results with anxiety based conditions including GAD, panic disorder and OCD, eating disorders and depression.

With as many as 90% of all doctor visits having a “mind” related component, Brief Psychotherapy is a very real and rapid solution to not only mind problems but apparent physical problems too.

From the Lane Clinic in Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland, Steven Lane offers Brief Psychotherapy.